About Us

The American International School of Mozambique believes that every child can and will succeed in ways that reflect his or her own unique aptitudes and interests. We offer the best of curricula today- the International Baccalaureate (IB) - designed to challenge students to develop intellectual competence and to grow as confident, caring, and productive young adults.

The International Baccalaureate comprises the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and Diploma Program. Students are well prepared to transfer to educational systems throughout the world, and our graduates are accepted, often with scholarships, by some of the most renowned universities in the Americas, Europe and Africa.



The American International School of Mozambique is a partnership of engaged students who demonstrate critical thinking and personal initiative, dedicated parents who are engaged in their children’s learning, and a highly qualified staff who stimulate and direct disciplined learning, creative thinking and personal initiative. Together, we create a learning environment that inspires students to cultivate their unique talents and perspectives and prepares them to contribute in purposeful ways to the world that they will inherit and shape. Our students enjoy a stimulating and balanced educational program that is rooted in the principles of excellence, ethical living and engaged learning.



AISM offers an innovative approach to teaching and learning through the rigorous, inquiry-based International Baccalaureate curricula with a focus on social and environmental awareness. Through international mindedness, students learn to be productive and contributing members within a global society. AISM delivers its learning program as a supportive, enthusiastic community that emphasizes responsible, respectful collaboration and teamwork.


Core Values:
Excellence, Ethical Living and Engaged Learning

At AISM, Excellence is:

  • Taking personal initiative to learn, be informed, and gain knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • Envisioning the future with confidence, enthusiasm, and perseverance, and committing to shaping the future as an
    agent of positive change;
  • Preparing to be culturally literate citizens of the world;
  • Achieving a balance in physical, emotional and social development;
  • Setting and achieving ambitious goals.


At AISM, Ethical Living is:

  • Embracing the values of respect, honesty and integrity in our interactions with others and the world around us;
  • Respecting the uniqueness of individuals and their varied backgrounds, perspectives and abilities;
  • Acting with sensitivity and a sense of fairness;
  • Taking responsibility for our actions, accepting the consequences of our decisions and learning from experience;
  • Setting a good example and inspiring others.


At AISM, Engaged Learning is:

  • Thinking critically and making connections among information and ideas;
  • Asking valuable questions, using a variety of techniques to find answers and probing for clarification;
  • Collaborating and sharing in an environment that supports and encourages risk taking;
  • Developing divergent thinking through understanding diverse perspectives;
  • Demonstrating passion and enthusiasm for continuous learning.


The School

Founded in 1990, the American International School of Mozambique (AISM) is an IB World School serving students from Early Learning (3&4) through grade 12. AISM is accredited by the U.S. agency, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, recognized and supported by the U.S. State Department of Overseas Schools, and authorized by the International Baccalaureate to offer the Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP) and the Diploma Program (DP). The language of instruction is English and the school operates from August until June (180 days) with a semester break in December/January.



AISM is an independent non-profit school governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, six of whom are elected by the AISM Association and one of whom serves as the appointed representative of the U.S. Embassy. Association membership comprises all parents or guardians of children enrolled at the School.


The Students

Current enrollment is nearly 600 students representing 50 nationalities. The student body comprises 15% U.S. citizens, 25% Mozambicans and a large majority (60%) of third-country nationals.


The Faculty

Academic administration includes a school director, primary and secondary school principals, a Director of Teaching and Learning, primary, middle and secondary school counselors, 3 IB coordinators, 2 librarians and an Integrated Learning Department (sports, activities and service learning). Teaching staff includes more than 80 educators from around the world with years of experience in international schools. All teachers and academic administrators participate in professional development as well as training sponsored by International Baccalaureate.


The Facilities

School facilities comprise 85+ classrooms, primary and secondary school libraries, IT centers, six science labs, an auditorium and specially designed spaces for music/band/choir, drama, dance and the visual arts. The AISM campus is completely enclosed and the school uses a secure entry/exit system. Sports and recreational facilities include three gymnasiums, soccer fields, playgrounds and a 25-meter outdoor swimming pool. A two-story cafeteria serves nutritious meals and tasty snacks during morning breaks, lunch and after school. A Tuck Shop, offering light snacks, is also available for secondary students. AISM families may use the school's recreational facilities at designated times.


After-School Activities

After-school activities are designed for both primary and secondary students and include, but not limited to, Model United Nations, debate club, film studies, investigative science, sign language, African & Latin dance, computer programming, arts & craft, clay & pottery, chess, band, choir, guitar, kayaking, gymnastics, capoeira, judo along with competitive and recreational sports such as swimming, track & field, soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf and tennis.  AISM is a member of the International Schools in Southeast Africa (ISSEA) comprising eight international schools in the region.  Secondary school students compete in sports tournaments and participate in Arts and STEM conferences throughout the year.


Primary School Years Programme:

The primary school is a dynamic and creative learning environment designed to meet the academic, social,emotional and physical needs of students. The Primary Years Program (PYP) operates as a centre of student inquiry, engaging students in their learning process and challenging them to achieve their full potential.

The PYP curriculum:

  • Develops a child’s natural curiosity through inquiry
  • Uses an integrated approach to learning
  • Encourages an international perspective
  • Uses the library and technology to support learning
  • Develops a sense of responsibility regarding authentic action within the community


In addition to teaching the core academic disciplines, AISM also offers single subject programs in performing arts, visual arts, physical education and the Portuguese language. In addition, the home-school partnership is an important part of our educational program and we welcome and encourage parents’ participation


The Middle Years Programme:

The Middle Years Program (Grades 6 - 10) provides a balanced curriculum around traditional knowledge and the relationships between all subjects. The MYP is designed to guide students in their search for a sense of belonging in the world around them. It also helps students to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate actively and responsibly in today's complex and ever-changing world.

Students study eight subject groups: Language & Literature (English & Portuguese), Language Acquisition (Portuguese & French), Individuals & Societies, Sciences, Arts, Design, Mathematics and Physical & Health Education.


IB Diploma Programme:

A two-year curriculum, the IB Diploma Program is offered to students in grades 11 and 12 in preparation for universities worldwide. Students select a subject from Groups 1-5 and then a subject from Group 6 or a second
subject from Groups 3 or 4.

The Subjects currently offered by AISM are:

Group 1: Studies in Literature and Language (English and Portuguese)
Group 2: Language Acquisition (Portuguese, Spanish and French)
Group 3: Individuals and Societies (Economics; History; Geography; Environmental Systems and Societies)
Group 4: Experimental Sciences (Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Sports, Exercise and Health Science; Environmental Systems and Societies)
Group 5: Mathematics (Math Studies and Mathematics SL and HL)
Group 6: The Arts (Visual Arts and Theatre)

A core made up of three separate parts - Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity,
Action and Service (CAS) complete the curriculum.