Service Learning - Integrated Learning

Commitment to Excellence, Ethics and Engagement

Service Learning is at the center of our school community and student life. With the emergence of the AISM’s guiding values – ethical living, engaged learning and excellence – the opportunities offered through our Service Learning program are crucial experiences for the holistic development of our students.

For three years now, AISM’s service learning experiences have been awarded Outstanding Service Projects by our Association of International Schools in Africa.

What is Service Learning at AISM?

Service Learning is an educational experience where participants contribute their time and services to their community and make a positive impact on their neighbourhood, their city, their country, or the world we share. At AISM, we work together with local partners to build relationships while our students and partners teach and learn from each other through various projects. Our aim is to nurture a culture of learning through exchange between our students, staff and service partners.







“UBUNTU” is a humanist philosophy rooted in Southern African culture.  The word Ubuntu means ‘a person is a person through other persons’, and describes an ethic that focuses on people’s allegiances and relationships with one another and with their communities.  It is based on the idea of human interconnectedness whereby each person is connected to all others, and each person’s actions affect the whole of humanity.   When people understand that they are part of a ‘greater whole’, they can only achieve personal enrichment if their enrichment improves their community as well.   In primary school students learn about basic Service Learning concepts through their PYP Units of Inquiry.  Structured activities take place mostly on the campus. Students in Grade 6-10 are exposed to diverse Service Learning opportunities outside campus.  In partially structured activities, students are encouraged to generate their own creative problem-solving strategies to achieve their goals. The program is aligned with the IB’s MYP approaches, following an “action cycle”. Students participate in each of its stages – investigate, plan, act, reflect, and showcase - developing an understanding of the process as a whole. In addition to participating in our service learning program, the DP students embark on their IB CAS (Creativity / Action / Service) program.  At this level they are able to conceive, arrange and implement their interventions, relying only on their experiences and an adult adviser.  
  • 2015-2016 Partnership Brochure, featuring our community partners and most of our Service Learning experiences
  • Youtube channel OpenDoors, with student-produced short-films on our Service Learning stories;
  • AISA-GISS (Global Issues Service Summit) page. AISM participates in this regional summit since its start, years ago. We have hosted the Summit in 2011 and 2015. To learn more, go to AISA-GISS page